Chantal  Bufe 

Born in 1979 to a Canadian father and a Dutch mother I first grew up in Germany, then England and - for a short period of time - Italy. In 1998 I began my studies in Paris and then moved to New York City in 2000.  After graduating from NYU, I launched my career at Cosmopolitan magazine, where I became the International Editor for the European editions of Cosmopolitan. 

After working with Cosmopolitan for some time, I then took on the role of the International Editions Editor for Harper's Bazaar Magazine where I was lucky to work with some of the most renowned writers, photographers, and artists of our time. 

In 2007, I married my husband, Philip, and we moved to London where I obtained my MA in Publishing from the University of the Arts and where I proudly accepted the McMillan award for my master's thesis in 2008.

In 2009 our family moved to Munich where I became a mother to one... two... three lovely (and lively) children, Nicolas (10 years), Josèphine (aka Fini, 8 years) and Florence (6 years) whom this blog is named after:   

(FI, NI & FLO). 

Ever since I was young I loved reading and writing. I left no book untouched and no napkin unscribbled. So this blog really has been in the making for approximately 40 years -  it just moved from paper to the screen!  

FiNi & Flo fully came to fruiting in 2018 after our move to Laguna, Southern California. With so much creative flair in the air (stemming from Laguna's past as an artists' colony) and nature providing the most vibrant and inspirational background, it was time to start writing again. 

And I couldn't be happier about it. 

The purpose of our blog is to uplift and to be that one loving, affirming, and sunny friend who constantly reminds you to see the bright side of life. 

Thank you for reading and for coming on this journey with us. 


Please email me anytime at info@finiandflo.com, or find me on Instagram.


Chantal xxx

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