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Our February gratitude list

by Chantal Bufe

2021 is here, and does anybody else have a feeling that it's moving faaaast?

It's already February! This is strange since some days never seem to end (mostly bad homeschooling days).

So, since I am 'hunkering down' at home (literally feeling like a hiker who is finding shelter under a cliff waiting for the storm to pass), most of my days are spent trying to master the skill of working while homeschooling; trying to string words for a manuscript together so that they make up a coherent sentence while being interrupted every five to seven minutes with requests to solve maths problems, explain spelling, fetch water, hand tissues.

Homeschooling has been a learning curve for all of us - I will forever file it under 'self-growth,' which will hopefully implant this experience as positive, significant, and formative into my memory. Here's hoping.

So, since I am currently somewhat unresponsive to the outside world, there is still a lot going on and even more to be grateful for.

Here is a list of the 21 little and big things that in '21 have made me happy so far, in no particular order, as a little reminder that - no matter your situation - there is always something to be grateful for...

1. spending so much time with my husband and my kids (both chance & challenge)

2. seeing the first snow since being back in Europe - pure blizzz

3. the birth of our dog Indiana and the excitement of preparing for Indy's arrival in April

4. creating a yoga space in the basement to help with a better morning routine: instead of phone and news, it's yoga and meditation - game changer

6. watching the Queen's Gambit

7. starting a mother-daughter journal with my daughter Joséphine - now I am in the know

8. phone conversations with my girls - my literal lifeline

9. going for long walks into the forest, visiting 'our' deer, drinking Glühwein

10. deciding to purchase a Vitamix, best investment

11. getting a hug from my pre-teen and hearing him tell me that he loves me - for no reason

12. deciding on a membership at, just what I was looking for

13. looking outside at our beautiful pond and the three ducks who have recently moved in

14. knowing that most of our family and friends are healthy and doing well at this time

15. trying out more plant-based meals and discovering their benefits

16. being grateful for our wonderful, supportive, and healthy grandparents

17. having chosen crazy fabric for our dining room - finally living (and eating) dangerously

18. deciding to get the Dyson hair wrap, another game-changer, especially during lockdown

19. becoming a godmother to the most special little boy - can't wait for our adventures, H!

20. dreaming (of and planning to) travel again soon

21. being endlessly grateful for my amazing husband, even on the hard days (especially on the hard days!

2021 is another year full of chances, possibilities and opportunities. What's on your list?



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