Best of both worlds... beloved California.

We recently returned from Southern California, where we were lucky enough to spend a year and a half exploring the Westcoast. Upon our return to Germany, the number one question we are being asked is what we miss about California (and what we were looking forward to in Germany). So we put together a little list, in no particular order, as we consider ourselves blessed to have had such an incredible and safe adventure abroad.

So here we go.

Beloved California, here are twenty things we miss about you:

1. we miss the feeling of the California sun touching our foreheads, all day, every day. We miss how the first rays of pink glittery sunlight gently woke us every morning and how the last light of the day dipped our backyard into pure gold every evening.

2. we miss seeing the ocean, on a whim, whenever we felt like it. We miss looking out onto the Pacific and seeing Catalina Island right in front of us.

3. we miss knowing that we are only minutes away from seeing sea lions, dolphins and whales at Dana Point Harbour.

4. we miss surfing at Doheny Beach.

5. We miss palm trees. A lot.

6. we miss the incredible views. Everywhere we went.

7. we miss the wonderful, kind friends we made and the meaningful conversations about nature, life and the importance of finding happiness. Oh, and we miss our favourite Californian Pinot Gris that accompanied these conversations.

8. I miss American gym teachers. Or rather their motivational skills. You simply can not not give it your all when they are (screaming right) next to you.

9. we miss legal U-turns and we miss being allowed to turn right on red - I don't have a picture for these preferences. I just miss it.

10. we miss Salt Creek Beach, "our" beach.

11. we miss tasty corn and fresh fish. To the extent that we are thinking of importing it. I am serious.

12. we miss the "La Quinta" Margaritas. They were a revelation.

13. we miss going barefoot, having returned from California with a strong apathy for solid shoes, uncomfortable clothes and the word 'outfit'.

14. we miss visiting the beach when the tide falls and a secret world opens up to us.

15. we miss California's incredible vividness. No filters needed, the colours are real.

16. the kids miss their friends. FaceTime and Zoom it is!

17. we miss Balboa Island, our first and last home in CA.

18. we miss the eccentricity, eclecticism and spirituality of Laguna Beach.

19. we miss the sunrises and sunsets as we drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

20. we miss that we will miss picking pumpkins, celebrating Thanksgiving and seeing the Christmas lights spectacle in Ladera Ranch.

Beloved California, we do miss you and can't wait to visit again soon.

But we are happy to report that we are settling in well in Bavaria and that we are joyfully embracing the many things that we missed dearly about Germany too. More on this next week!

In the end, if there is one thing that this CA adventure has reminded us of it is that "the journey itself is our home"(Matsuo Basho).

May we always keep moving.

Sending love and light,

xx Chantal

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