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Healthy food, happy family: The Flower Child

We love healthy and nourishing food: my husband and my children know what quinoa is, how to make zoodles and that mummy loves nothing more than a wholesome ahi tuna bowl. Given that we now live in California, you can imagine my delight in my continuous search for and discovery of the freshest produce the Golden State has to offer (oh, sweetest of all corn and most tasty of avocado!). And this is where The Flower Child comes into the picture. Many people have asked us for our favorite lunch place in SoCal ... and this is it!

With multiple locations across the US, our local Flower Child can be found in Newport Beach. Unlike other hip, well - known, healthy places, the Flower Child actually does seem to have it all (yes, that includes super friendly staff):

even before you enter, you are greeted by a lovingly set - up little 'hydration bar' offering infused water that you can sip while studying the mouthwatering menu... and mouthwatering it is!

Our family favorites include the vegetarian, crushed avocado toast (with a soft white egg, black sesame, and white cheddar), the Mediterranean quinoa salad (with tabbouleh, cauliflower, pistachio, and a harissa yogurt vinaigrette) as well as each and every single bowl on the menu, starting with the Glow Bowl (a delicate composition of spicy sweet potato noodle, bok choy, carrot, cauliflower, snap pea and shiitake mushroom). For the complete menu, click here.

While many restaurants nowadays have embraced the 'pick one protein & two sides' concept, it is especially the side dishes that make Flower Child unique: whether you opt for the asparagus and ancient grains (savoy cabbage, charred onion, ginger miso), the Indian spiced cauliflower (with turmeric, quinoa, date, and almond) or the sugar snaps and spicy Japanese eggplant (with Thai basil, jalapeño, cashew) you will find yourself enthusiastically nodding in agreement with the Flower Child's motto that 'healthy food really does make for a happy world'.

Most importantly for us, this healthy eatery is also child - approved. We are lucky not to have picky eaters, but even if your little one is more selective, the Flower Child has the answer. Offering the usual protein of chicken, steak or tofu, the magic lies in the side dishes once again: whether adult or child, Flower Child's creamy, smashed organic potato or hearty, roasted broccoli with parmesan will leave you - and your little ones - wanting more (or at least, your kiddos will finish their plate for the first time in a long time).

Throw in some cheerful Californian interior design that radiates positivity (with a mix of bright colors, bohemian fabrics and retro patterns), a thoughtful 'parking spot' for your yoga mat and homemade lemonade, fresh juices and iced teas (Japanese mango sencha green, anyone?) and you will find yourself wanting to stay at this adorable low - key sanctuary for just one more Californian minute longer.

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