Things to do at home with your children: get moving with yoga

Sending so much love to everyone during these extraordinary times. Friends have been asking how we are keeping our little ones active these days and we do have a favorite 'activity' that we have been doing (more) since being homebound: yoga.

A year ago or so, I was looking for a way to introduce our children to yoga (and mindfulness) and we came across Cosmic Kids – THE yoga YouTube Channel and online app for children - and we have been following Jaime ever since.

Cosmic Kids takes children on enticing and entertaining yoga and mindfulness adventures by way of (at times familiar) stories: Moana, Trolls and Harry Potter – there is something for everyone, there are all kinds of themes: Fini loves the sequence that caters to her grand love of dogs, and Flori likes to go on a bear hunt while Nicolas prefers the Star Wars practice.

And needless to say that we must have watched and practiced the Cosmic Kids Frozen Adventure endless times.

So while the children are indulging in something fun, they are still moving their bodies the entire time (while also becoming familiar with some yoga poses!).

I especially cherish Cosmic Kids’ Zen Den, a series that teaches children mindfulness, relaxation, and visualizations techniques in a playful and loving way. Training your inner Ninja encourages children to be strong in challenging times, Be The Pond teaches children how they are separate from their feelings, Movies in my mind brings them closer to learning about meditation. And there is so much more! And what better tools to give our little ones than to strengthen the ones they already carry inside of themselves.

And if you are also looking for some yoga books for your little ones, check out Babies to Bookworms who discuss a variety of wonderful books. Our five-year-old Flori keeps returning to the Yoga Bug Board Book Series. Although we discovered it two years ago, Flori still likes to look at the books once in a while and mimic the animal/yoga poses. Whatever keeps her moving!

Lots of love and strength and Namaste.

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