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One great way to connect with your child

by Chantal Bufe

2020 had me scrambling for many ways to ensure that I stayed connected to my kiddos.

Throughout the past year, I sourced activities, made sure we were creative, exercised, and were mindful together.

Still, there were many moments where I felt that I didn't know how my kids were feeling. Were some behaviors or lack of communication ordinary, or a reaction to negative feelings that the effects of this pandemic had on them? Feelings that I, as their caretaker, should know about?

Pandemic or not, when you reach that point when you would like to communicate with your child better right now or want to encourage a more in-depth, continuous conversation, a useful trick is journaling.

As soon as your little one can read and write, this form of communication is a fun tool to stay connected. The child will feel special to have a judgment-free space for them and their caretaker to share their thoughts and worries confidently (without anyone else, like nosy siblings, interfering).

And when you make an effort as an adult to keep the conversation flowing by asking questions and inquiring more, you open up the possibility to move beyond the original question/concern to a more extensive discussion. (Only remember to never, ever correct the child's grammar!)

A simple blank journal will do, but if you are looking for more engaging guided journals, the Just between Us and the Love, You and Me series is adorable.



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